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Sheryl Tash, CEO


Sheryl created the Simple Life in 2007 as a shopping service for seniors and the disabled. As she worked more and more with them, she realized that there were many more things that they needed, so she expanded her business by providing more services.  Sheryl has lived in Simi Valley, California and has worked in the Ventura County area for many years. She has covered the areas of the San Fernando Valley and Santa Barbara County, bringing a professional background in the Home Health business along with care centers and Hospice. Her strong marketing and management background and working one-on-one with patients from hospitals to care centers, board and care homes and Hospice gave Sheryl a chance to learn more and more about what type of services patients needed from home assessments to placements.  Sheryl has gained knowledge with her years of experience she has an array of resources that best fit the need of anyone. Her services have helped many seniors making sure they are comfortable in their own home along with consultations and healthy food choices. 

Healthy Food Choices



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